Air Conditioning Service Calls

An Air Conditioning service call with a service technician cleaning a faulty system can be extremely important to make sure the system works efficiently. At the service call, the technician will clean and service the system, change the old air filter and replace the existing one. The technician also can provide a detailed estimate of the cost of the new air filter and may offer advice on which type of filter to get. Once the new air filter is installed and the old one is removed, the technician inspects the air ducts to determine the cause of the blockage.

The conditioner may be too tightly fitted, too large or too small. A loose hose may be causing air to escape. Sometimes the air duct may be blocked by the insulation. In this case, the technician may have to cut away insulation to reach the air duct and replace the insulation with a new one.

If the air duct is not working properly, it may not circulate the required amount of air to cool your home. This will reduce the amount of energy your air-conditioning system needs to operate. There are many other problems that can cause air not to flow properly or for a long time. The technician may need to run several tests, especially if the problem is due to a loose or broken hose.

Other problems with the air conditioner that can result in a blocked duct include a clogged filter, a worn-out thermostat, or an overheating device. The technician may use a thermal imaging camera to show where the blocked duct is located and will then recommend a repair. In some cases, the technician may use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the air duct and eliminate any debris that is stuck in it. It is also possible that the old air filters can need to be replaced by a qualified technician to improve air flow.

If the duct cannot be cleaned because the problem lies deeper, it may be necessary to replace the entire air duct system, including the ductwork, heating elements, and the refrigerant. In this case, the technician may perform a leak detection test to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. If the duct cannot be repaired, the technician may suggest that replacement is done instead.

Air conditioning service calls are often very stressful and can cause the average homeowner to become irritable or even anxious. If you are experiencing an air-conditioning problem, it is important that you make the initial visit to the service center as soon as possible.

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