Water Heater Replacement – What You Need to Know

When is the right time to have a water heater replacement? There are several times when it is appropriate for a heater replacement. You may have just recently moved into a new home or building or maybe you and your family have a more than average amount of pets. No matter what the reason, having the right water heater replacement is important to ensuring that your home is warm and comfortable. Here are some common signs that may indicate the time to have a replacement:

-If you have recently replaced your water heater with a new tankless unit, there is no longer any hot water coming out of the faucet. If the water is not as cold as it used to be, there are a couple of reasons why this might occur. One of the most likely reasons is that the old tank valve has become clogged and is no longer allowing the hot water through as easily as it once did. If you find that you must have a professional plumber to replace the old tank valve with a larger one, you should first take note of some of the warning signs that will let you know which type of valve you need:

-If you notice that there is an increase in your monthly utility bill, it could be that your hot water heater replacement needs to be investigated. Professional plumbers often use different types of tools to test the flow of cold and hot water in different pipes. This can determine the efficiency of your current system. If the utility company offers a discount, it would be worth it to have a professional plumber to perform the replacement.

-If you find yourself having to perform a number of smaller plumbing repairs, such as clogs, leaks, or cracked pipes, it might be necessary to have a professional plumber to perform a hot water heater replacement. Sometimes a faulty valve or other component is to blame. In these cases, it might not be possible to find the exact cause, but at least the repairs will be relatively inexpensive. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the repairs on your own, call a professional plumber. Some homeowners try to fix problems themselves when they shouldn’t. Although these types of repairs do not require a degree in plumbing, a little knowledge of basic plumbing will help.

-Sometimes older homes require a new hot water tank or a natural gas water heater replacement. Many times a gas or electric water heater requires more maintenance than a propane one. While it is true that both require less maintenance than a propane gas heater, there are still ways for you to increase the amount of time between maintenance visits, and it would also be beneficial for you to know about any safety precautions you should be aware of.

-If your home is more than 80 years old, it may be necessary to have your existing tank replaced. Tankless water heaters are more efficient than traditional tank heaters. These newer heating devices don’t need a cold storage tank to keep its heat generated. They are also smaller than most tank heaters, which makes them easy to install and move around. If your home is more than 80 years old, you might want to consider replacing your existing water heaters.

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