Commercial Plumbing: A Major Concern for the Small Business Owner

Commercial plumbing is considerably different than what you see at home; in fact, it often requires more outlets and pipes. If you’re starting a new building, your plumber needs to install at least enough sinks and toilets for every floor of the building. Not only do you often need commercial restrooms for workers, but also for public users. Without these public restrooms, businesses would quickly lose customers!

Whether you own a gym, restaurant, hotel, bank or other kind of business, you have a lot of space to fill with various kinds of businesses. And it’s usually not hard to find a commercial plumbing fixture that can work for your business – or your personal needs. For example, if you own a bank, it might behoove you to hire a commercial plumbing company to take care of any water issues in or around your bank buildings. The same goes for hotels, restaurants, call centers, and any other kind of business with multiple floors.

In fact, this service doesn’t even necessarily have to be for your personal use. For instance, many professional building complexes and office buildings have plumbing that is shared between several different floors. This is called inter-office flood control. And with commercial plumbing, it’s typically a system that goes from the main building to all the different floors within that building. This makes it much easier to keep a constant water supply throughout the entire building. And keeping a constant supply of clean, fresh water is critical for keeping your commercial space healthy.

But there’s more to this than just keeping things clean! If your plumbing needs a little maintenance, it’s often possible to hire the right people to come in and take care of any problems that you’re experiencing. Whether it’s an issue with water pressure or poor water heaters, you can usually call upon plumbers who specialize in commercial properties to come in and make the necessary fixes.

For example, many commercial buildings will have exterior pipes that are connected to the water supply by copper piping. If they become rusty or brittle over time, they can become clogged with debris, which in turn results in excess dirt and grease being circulated through the pipes. This in turn can lead to a whole host of different plumbing systems in the building coming out of service. This includes everything from water heaters that don’t work properly to the elimination of sinks that are backed up and emitting foul odors.

This can all easily be prevented by hiring a plumber who specializes in commercial plumbing systems. Instead of spending money on new pipes, he can simply repair the ones that are already worn out. This will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. It will also mean that your office building will be safer because there won’t be a constant need for them to be replaced because the pipes are already worn out.

Another common problem with commercial spaces is poor water heating or water heater performance. For office buildings, this can often translate into higher utility bills as the increased water use causes the heaters to run less efficiently. Hot water may not be coming through the faucets in the right fashion causing it to get wasted, and this waste can be causing larger water bills. If the problem is a plumbing drain, however, it could be removed and replaced with a newer model without much cost to the owner. In some cases, all that is needed are simple plumbing repairs to ensure that the building stays properly heated and cooled.

Finally, drains that become clogged with debris and/or refuse can cause major problems with your sewer system. If your drain isn’t properly vented to the outside, this causes sewage gases to build up in the building and then the water heater stops functioning. This is something that require the expertise of a plumber to perform, and there may not be any way to tell what is causing the blockage other than doing a routine maintenance check of the drains themselves. In the case of toilets, if a drain becomes clogged, a plumber may be able to simply replace the toilet or have the unit flushed to remove the blockage.

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