Dentist Service in Lansdale PA

There are many ways to obtain the services of a professional dentist. You could walk-in to an office and seek the help of an oral surgeon, or you could call your general practitioner – but who does that really leave behind? With the advent of the Internet, it is much easier to locate and schedule consultations online with qualified professionals. The benefits of scheduling a visit to the dentist far outweigh any convenience factor – no longer do you have to worry about driving to the town center and making numerous rounds of phone calls. Here is a brief list of some of the best dentists in Lansdale PA for you to explore.

Dr. William Mahoney – This dental practitioner specializes in craniofacial surgery. Because of this, he is well-versed in procedures such as inlays, contouring, and implants. His surgical experience also includes the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint issues, which can be either acute or chronic. To date, he has performed more than 6 million surgical procedures. He offers state of the art equipment and fully trained personnel. Dr. Mahoney values his patients’ privacy and has a written consent form signed when patients decide to have corrective or cosmetic surgery done.

Dr. Edward Teitelbaum – In Menora, PA, Dr. Teitelbaum serves as the assistant medical director for the Department of Health Services. Prior to that role, he was an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School in Detroit, specializing in sleep disorders. Before that, he served as a medical transcription and laboratory technician in the cardiovascular laboratory of the University of Pittsburgh. There are few nationally recognized credentials on his professional resume.

Dr. James Finocchi – This dentist practices a traditional family medicine. His main areas of practice are pediatrics, internal medicine, and endodontics. Dr. Finocchi is highly regarded for his congenital heart disease studies. He holds national awards for his research work and for his treatment of patients with coronary disease. He is certified by the American Dental Association and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Robert Lahey – This is a well-established dental surgeon. His main areas of specialty are orthodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics. In 1992, he was given the prestigious position of president of the American Dental Assistants Association. Dr. Lahey is very active in national and state political organizations and serves on the board of the American Dental Assistants Association, which is a major contributing factor to the successful elective planning of many future dental students. He has been the recipient of numerous national awards for his educational efforts in dentistry.

Dr. Arthur J. Sackler – This is a family practice pediatric Dentist Service in Lansdale PA. He specializes in pediatric dental surgery, with a special emphasis on children and infants. As a resident of Lansdale, he sees patients every week of different ages and has developed a large patient list. Because of this, he knows where all the important spots in town are and will take the time to go and see them when necessary. Many of his patients are repeat patients since they were impressed by his caring approach and his ability to make children well.

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